Our Process: From Concept to Reality

1. Product Formulation

The first step to coming up with a product is the product formulation. In this stage, the client either chooses a readily available formulation closest to the product they have in mind, or they can have a product custom made. 

For cosmetic products, the development time takes between 3 to 6 months, depending on the availability of raw materials and the revisions. Food Supplements and Powdered Beverage takes a longer time, between 6-12 months.

2. Stability Testing 

A big part of product formulation is shelf life stability testing. This is a requirement that is submitted to the FDA prior to certification and ensures the product retains its quality. Our Quality Control team is in charge of doing accelerated shelf life tests, physico-chemical analysis, and microbial tests to determine the quality of the product.  

Once the RnD team has ensured the stability of the product, and there are no further revisions, the business development team will create a product proposal.

3. Memorandum of Agreement 

Memorandum of Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the toll-manufacturing relationship. This outlines the responsibilities of the client and GreenPlus as Manufacturer. This is also a requirement needed for the application of FDA license. 

A downpayment is also made upon the signing of the MOA before GreenPlus proceeds with FDA application and product sourcing.

4. FDA Applications 

Our liaison officer in charge of FDA registration will assist the client in securing their LTO for either trader or distributor. The RnD team will also furnish the liaison officer with all the necessary documents and requirements to secure a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) or Notification (CPN). 

The packaging should also be finalized by this point to avoid delays.

5. Sourcing and Manufacturing 

When all the raw materials are available, the product is then manufactured at our facility. All batches will undergo Quality Control inspection and a retention sample will be kept. All products are properly coded with batch number, date of manufacture, and expiry.

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