Our commitment to rigorous quality control testing

Each of our divisions is equipped with an in-house Quality Control team that determines the quality of our products.

Every batch undergoes Physico-Chemical Analysis, Microbial Analysis, and Stability Testing. We also keep a retention sample of every product that passes through our plant to facilitate traceability. 

Our raw materials also undergo testing before we begin production. We work with vetted suppliers who provide us with Certificate of Analysis of each ingredient. The Quality Assurance team inspects the raw material to check if it meets the COA requirements. Only materials that have been inspected and passed the QA inspection are brought into the main warehouse. 

During production, the QC team inspects the materials at each stage of production. They check for the metrics such as pH, viscosity, density, etc. After compounding, a physico-chemical analysis is conducted before packaging. 

Each batch is coded with a batch number for traceability. This can be compared with the quality of the retention sample that is kept in the QC lab.

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