Research and Development

Good products start with great formulations.

GreenPlus Corporation is committed to assisting you create formulations that are safe, effective, and cost-beneficial to manufacture.

FDA Compliant

As an FDA registered company, we are committed to adhering to high safety standards. Our Research and Development team coordinates closely with our FDA liaison to ensure that the formulations are designed to pass the rigours of FDA accreditation.

Experienced Team of Specialists

Our Research and Development Team is the pride and joy of our company. There are three divisions, namely, cosmetics, food and beverage and food supplements, each with a dedicated RnD team. With many years of experience, and completed product formulations under their belt, each member is competent, aware of best practices, and committed to quality work.

In-House R&D Facility

Our in-house lab facility has its own set of machines, material inventory, and production process that allows us to streamline the development cycle. We work closely with our clients from the initial concept, prototyping, testing, and adjusting until we come up with a satisfactory formulation. It is then subjected to stability tests and retention tests to ensure the product retains its viability.


Do you have a product or inquiries regarding packaging and product development in mind? Let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a prompt response.