What we do

We offer product development and toll manufacturing service for Nutraceutical products such as Food Supplements, Powdered Beverages, and Personal Care Cosmetics. 

Our team takes the client’s concept, develops formulation, tests products, assists with FDA registration, and manufactures products. Our process follows safety protocols and Good Manufacturing Practices.

We also have an in-house quality control laboratory that conducts testing to ensure all products that leave our facility are guaranteed to be safe and shelf stable.

Toll Manufacturing FAQs 

What you need to know about getting your Nutraceutical Toll Manufacturing:

Building your brand and creating your own product could be daunting. There are many things to consider when choosing a toll manufacturing facility that can cater to your needs. 

At GreenPlus, we strive to tailor-fit our services to the needs of our clients, from conceptualizing their product, Research and Development, Manufacturing, and assisting with FDA certifications. 

This is an agreement where the client hires a third party manufacturer to make products for them. This means, as a client, you own the brand and have complete control over the marketing and sale of the product.

Costs are primarily determined by the scope of work, raw materials used, volume ordered, and complexity of the project. Because our products are custom made for our clients, it is best to schedule a meeting with our business development officer to provide an approximate cost of your project.

Most of our active ingredients and raw materials are sourced worldwide. For many special items, we usually determine the MOQ depending on the availability of the raw materials and the pack sizes of our suppliers.

The product development varies from product to product. For new products for food supplement and powdered beverages, you can expect projects to go from 6 months to one year. Cosmetic products will take 3 months at the shortest, but take 6 months on average.   

For re-orders, if the materials are in stock, it takes 4 – 8 weeks on average.

We pride ourselves with being a one-stop shop for our client’s nutraceutical toll manufacturing needs. This means, we assist our clients from conceptualizing their products, co-developing with the Research and Development, sourcing materials, and assisting with FDA certification. Click here to learn more about our services

We have Food Supplements, Powdered Beverages, and Personal Care Cosmetics. Please refer to the Products Page.

Yes. We have a personnel who is well-versed in FDA regulations and can assist our clients in securing their FDA licenses.


Do you have a product or inquiries regarding packaging and product development in mind? Let us know and we’ll be happy to send you a prompt response.